All-Bhujias All-Bhujias

Enjoy the yummilicious version of bhujia that combines the hamesha-wala-taste with a firangi twist!


Chinese Schezwan

The Chinese believe they’ve descended from dragons! Get a taste of a dragon’s fire in Schezwan Bhujia!


American Barbeque

Your favourite Indian snack in a Wild Wild West of America avatar. Enjoy the smoky, spicy goodness of Barbeque Bhujia!


Japanese Wasabi

Japanese weapons: deadly.
Japanese flavours: even more deadly.
Adding a karate kick to taste with Wasabi Bhujia!


African Peri-Peri

When 'Peri Peri' is ‘Pepper Pepper’ in Swahili, You know things are gonna be 'Chili Chili'! Enjoy the spicy taste of Africa with Peri Peri Bhujia!