Tasty Treat
Firangi Bhujia

Taste mein world class.
Dil se hindustani.

Bhujia Khao. Yeh Padho.

It was time. As she walked towards it, she thought about the times when even the mention of it’s name was scary for her – The Hodom Castle.

With each step up the hill, her fear intensified and yet, she plodded on. She knew it was necessary and here she was – her curiosity had gotten the better of her fear.

Some boys from school told her that the place was haunted, and she must never go. At the tender age of 12, she made her way to the beautiful yet scary tower on the top of the rolling hill.

As soon as she went up, she was shocked to see that the place was a mess. She went further inside with petrified steps to only discover a lot of Barbeque Bhujia packets, action figures and superhero posters kept all over the place. “Those noobs! It’s their hideout!” she muttered

She now knew why the boys never let her come up, and she decided to teach them a lesson. She took everything in her bag, and left a note – “Your treats have been taken with much appreciation. If you visit again, you will belong to me as well.” – Hodom

Meet Snowey, the guardian of the bookshelf next to the kids bedroom. Snowey loves to read, and always finds ways to make the kids in the house come to play with him and read books.
One of his best techniques is the ‘peek-a-boo’ into the room with his cute face. Every time any of the kids see him, they come running to play with him, and their attention drifts to the bookshelf after a while. Snowey enjoys playing with them, but always loves the fact that they pick up a book to read after playing with him.

However, one day it all changed. Snowey tried his same old ‘peak-a-boo’ tactic to get their attention, but there was an invasion – the invasion of the tablets, that all the kids were engrossed with. He felt all was lost, and was sad that those machines stole his playtime with the kids.

After a few days, while Snowey sat forlorn at his usual spot, all the kids came running to him; they took him out for a day trip out. They spent the entire day taking pictures of him at different places, making stories of him with these different coloured filters on their machines. They made him do a variety of different things, and Snowey’s smiled returned again. He now became the guardian of the storytelling galaxy.
Now, if you want to meet the Guardians of the Bhujia Galaxy, get introduced to our #FirangiBhujia – Barbeque, Schezwan, Peri Peri and Wasabi

He made it! As he walked out of the airport no one even noticed him. Everyone around him was oblivious to the fact that he had the world’s biggest pink diamond in his bag, a diamond as big as his fist.

The diamond was not his to keep though, and his brow tightened as he focused on the job at hand.

A jet-black SUV awaited him outside, with two men in black suits standing alongside it. They blindfolded him before driving off to an undisclosed location.
After about 2 hours the blindfold was removed and in front of him sat the leader of the Luba Askari tribe, the most intimidating man he had ever seen – dressed in his tribal ensemble.

He opened a box and offered the diamond to the tribe leader. For a moment there was pin drop silence and you could feel the tension in the air.

The tribe leader looked at it and smiled – Pink Almasi has returned – there will be peace once again. And just like that, he stopped a war between two countries. Now, every time he eats the spicy African Peri Peri #FirangiBhujia he talks about this story – of a time when he worked for the CIA. No one ever believes him though.
Although, what you can believe is the taste of Peri Peri Firangi Bhujia – try it yourself.

He could smell it a mile away. The slender fingers of the aroma were pulling at his nose.
Eyes wide, his tongue hung out of his mouth. Instincts, honed over thousands of years for one purpose, were telling him to move, to run, chase and catch.
The smell was maddening now, his heart was thumping like a war-drum in his ears.
A state of hyper-awareness, every movement by the people at the base of the hill was registered and tracked.
The wind carried the sounds of sizzling food and bubbling grease, of people laughing and kids cheering as they ran around what they called, “a barbeque”.
He ignored the urges and shouts of his predatory drive, to run down the hill and satiate his hunger. Why? Because he was a good boy.
Our good boy may not have satisfied his hunger drive, but you can with Tasty Treat Barbeque Bhujia!

Hiro couldn’t help but feel lost. A new country, a new city – it was just too much for him to handle.
The culture, food and language were more than alien to him and it only got him frustrated. “This place isn’t mine, Japan is!” he would blurt out when he was alone. How was he to cut through the grain of a new lifestyle and fit in?
He had been trying hard to understand, to live in and love a place that was not his. But tonight, he stopped trying, because he found a common thread – music. “Hello, hello, Mumbai!”, he said as he danced in front of the jukebox, in a crowd of almost twenty people.
He finally got into the groove of a new city.

Viraj had his heart set on Neha.
She lived on the first floor of his building, something he discovered when he hit a cricket ball straight through her window, toppling her cup of tea and her bowl of Schezwan Bhujia, and got an earful about how her favourite snack was ruined. Not to mention her white kurta. And since then, he was smitten.

Now, after almost 2 months of hitting the ball into her window on purpose, just to find a reason to keep going and talking to her, he asked her out, and they went to the mela.
They left at 7pm, and as they walked together, he wondered what 16 year olds usually do to impress girls they like – He told her a couple of PJs that couldn’t make her laugh even once.
When they reached the mela, the first thing he spotted was the ‘Hit the Target’ game, and his confidence skyrocketed.
He had this. He was going to win her that teddy bear.
He looked confident as he took his aim, but just like most of his jokes, he missed the target on all three attempts.

He tried to laugh and shrug it off when Neha piped up, “It happens. How about I win it for you?’ She picked up the ball, looked at the target and knocked all the bottles over in one go.
She asked the stall owner to hand over the teddy bear, and then gave it to him with a smile.

Taking slow, crouched steps, he stalked the underbrush. The sounds of the African forest filled his ears, yet his mind was focused on being as silent as he possibly could. His life depended on it.
He peered out from between the leaves and spotted the golden beast on top of a rock, facing the watering hole.
It turned, spotted him, took 2 lazy steps in his direction, confident that he was easy prey, and was all set to pounce.
He closed his eyes in resignation, waiting for the end, and… “New Market??” A loud voice cut through his mental fog, and a dusty blinding light flooded his sleepy eyes.
He looked up at his next passenger – a lady in a bright yellow sari. The exact same yellow as his cab.

Well, looks like he’d have to settle for navigating the concrete jungle for today.

1..2..3..4..5…How many does she use again?” That was what ran through his mind as he stared hungrily at the eggs on the counter. His stomach grumbled, much louder than it had 10 minutes ago. It was a sign that he had to make friends with the kitchen, and the frying pan and the gas in it. And fast! “I need eggs! Damn it! Why did she have to go on a road trip without telling me the special omelette recipe? And she doesn’t even have network! Can’t ask her also. Ab sunday breakfast ka kya hoga?!” His phone buzzed. “Sunday breakfast..you’ll manage. Go for it. FYI – The salt’s on the 2nd shelf.” She knew him way too well.
He took a deep breath, stared at those eggs again and picked up a fork in one determined swipe.
Bring it on.

Black coffee. Half a teaspoon of sugar. Not more, not less. And steaming hot.” How could she even taste the coffee with a burnt tongue? Maybe that would be an interesting question to break the ice! Non-cliched too. He decided to casually walk past her table after placing the order and just as casually start a conversation. And he did just that. Well, almost.
He reached her table & flashed his most friendly smile. And lo and behold, she smiled right back! With his new found courage, he opened his mouth to talk. But even before he could go past ‘Hey’, there was a loud screech, a louder meow and the next thing he knew, his pants were around his ankles. He had stepped on a cat’s tail by mistake and the angry cat-turned-tiger had clawed at his pants to reveal his superman boxers. As he walked out of the cafe, feeling like anything but a superhero, he made a vow. To always watch his step, and ALWAYS wear his belt!”

Ever since Chirag was 5 years old, he wanted to be a rapper. He knew the lyrics to every rap song, and if he was ever asked a question, he would answer in a rhyme progression. He had the clothes, style and swagger of a rapper already, and decided to rap his first song in front of his friends. When he began to rap, in his mind he sounded jhakaas, but to his friends he sounded like a wild animal shot by a tranquilizer dart. The problem was that he was tone deaf and completely out of tune. When people said “Hey Chi, why don’t you try something else?” all he said was “My music is too cool for you’ll to understand, I don’t make music like a regular band”. So he didn’t listen to people and continued to rhyme, until one day it was finally his time!
He took the plunge, shot his rap video, calling it ‘I will beat you with my boom box’. To his luck, people thought it was a parody, appreciating how he rapped off-tune with a straight face. And Chirag became an internet viral sensation.

7.00 am. Jalebi peered over the barricade of her control room, looking down at what could only be described as disappointment. She watched in dread, as her human spread that glorious tuna over bread, packing it into a sandwich prison. What do I do with this humaaaann? Jalebi imagined a world where tuna had the freedom to never be a sandwich, and she was queen to all her tasty subjects. She stood mesmerised admiring the beautiful tuna nestled in its bright shiny tin. She stared at it like a jilted lover, ready to sweep it off its feet and run away with it. Then, her eyes began to close again, her cosy bed was her kyptonite. And just like that, she said, “Me Yaaawn Aao, First, I need a power nap. That tuna can be saved another day.”

It’s time to leave it all behind for a fresh beginning.
A new start in a country where you know nobody and nobody knows you.
Create a new identity. Construct a new career from scratch.
Meet someone wonderful. Marry them. Have 3 kids. Watch them grow up, all the while hoping they never find out about your dark past.
Die of old age, surrounded by the ones you love as they celebrate the life of a vibrant brilliant person with endless love to give, who had no regrets, whose life was an open book, who everyone knew so well.
Never knowing about the secrets you hid all your life.
At least, that was the plan.
Before he missed his flight and saw it take off into the sky towards the life of his dreams, without him.